Why Farm-to-Table is More Than A Passing Trend

We’re all lived through popular food trends. The 1980’s and 1990’s saw the birth of fusion cuisine. The early 2000’s highlighted Extra Virgin Olive Oil and whole grains. And now that everyone is on social media, one of the biggest contemporary trends a shifted focus towards deliberate, Instagram-worthy presentation. Farm-to-table is another current trend, that has arguably also been centered by social media. Now more than ever, people outside of the food industry are engaging in a dialogue about the cuisine they have at restaurants. “Experience culture” compels an interest in these dishes, not only how they look, but where they came from. Farm-to-table is able to answer that question in the an ethical, community-minded way.

It’s this level of mindfulness that has elevated farm-to-table from a trend to a conscious choice that restaurant goers are continually making. And they’ll continue to make it, as several aspects of farm-to-table dining ensure that it isn’t going to die out.

Food Traceability

More and more, consumers want to know where their food comes from. At a farm-to-table eatery, it’s easy to cite exactly where everything that’s on your plate was grown or raised. That might sound like a Portlandia sketch, but farm-to-table restaurants work to empower small-scale farmers, and by extension, their communities. It might seem like the creativity behind dishes might be limited by committing to using locally-sourced ingredients, but the opposite is true. Here at Bouquet, we work with over fifty local farmers and purveyors. We are continually inspired and challenged to make upscale, unique menu options, and in our opinion, the results speak for themselves.

Food Safety

There’s a lot of conflicting wisdom and buzzwords that float around regarding what’s safe and what’s not when it comes to food. Is organic really important? What even are GMOs, and why don’t I want them? How does one make sure that they’re getting the most nutrition possible from their food?

Clarifying these points would take a whole different blog post—maybe we’ll write that some day! For now, we can provide a solution to your worries about food safety when dining out. The farm-to-table ethos maintains that fresh is best. The less time it takes from a food item to get from a farm to your plate, the more nutritious, safe, and flavorful it’s going to be. Bouquet Restaurant is endlessly proud to be able to provide our community with a safe and nutritious dining experience, and we’re committed to maintaining our practices so that this will never change.

Local Variations

Eating local means that we can provide our guests with a completely unique dining experience. Bouquet’s menu offerings are regionally exclusive at an accessible price point. That’s something that wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t rely on the farmers in our community. We love being able to nurture these relationships, and pass along the care and pride that these farmers take in their work to our guests.

Some of our amazing sources include:

-Black Hawk Farms

-Greensleeves Farm

-4 Hills Farm

-Crystal Bridge Fish Co.

-Pic’s Produce

And many more!

All this to say, farm-to-table isn’t a passing millennial fad. It’s a commitment, it’s a way of thinking about nutrition, and it’s taking pride in the food that comes from our area. Bouquet Restaurant adopted the farm-to-table method of serving our guests on day one, and thanks to our guests and our wonderful network of growers and farmers, we’re not going anywhere. Check out our menu or come visit us, and experience fresh, local flavors prepared in ways you’ll never forget.