Doing the Impossible (Burger) at Bouquet Restaurant

Impossible burgers have been creating quite a buzz in the vegetarian and vegan food communities, and you may have seen them as a meatless option on Bouquet’s menu. We’re excited to be one of the eateries where you can find an Impossible burger in Cincinnati. Despite all the hype, there’s still a lot of confusion about what an Impossible burger actually is—even from people who have eaten them! A meatless option that isn’t tofu, Impossible burgers and the science behind how they’re made have the potential to revolutionize sustainable eating.

Though the name has become synonymous with the product at this point, Impossible is actually the brand of a company with a mission to “make meat using plants.” They acknowledge the value of meat, both sentimental and culinary, but they also describe animal agriculture as “prehistoric and destructive.”

While that sounds a little harsh, there’s no denying the colossal impact that the current meat industry has on our planet. At Bouquet, we came at this problem by choosing to source our meat responsibly. The people over at Impossible came at it a different way, and it’s resulted in some pretty amazing food science that we’re excited to be able to offer our diners. Their flagship product is the Impossible burger, which can be used in any sandwich variation, as well as in any instance one might use ground beef. Chili, meatballs, and breakfast sandwiches are all on the table!

According to the Impossible Foods website, the inspiration for the innovation came from trying to figure out what people love about meat, and then trying to recreate that with plants. They go on to describe that meat tastes the way it does because of a molecule called “heme,” and by using a fermentation process, Impossible has discovered a way to make plant-based heme. In addition to heme, other ingredients include coconut oil, soy, and potato protein. Dairy is not an ingredient in any form, so the Impossible burger is vegan (that is, of course, unless you decide to make it an Impossible Cheeseburger).

But, why the name Impossible? It’s not like meat substitutes are a new thing. Well, the company believes they have achieved the “impossible” by making a plant-based product that tastes just as good–and some even say better–than meat!

For those who might be a little hesitant, Impossible burgers are being adopted by some pretty big names, including Burger King and White Castle. Though… we can’t say their Impossible burgers will be presented with as much panache as ours!

Right now at Bouquet, you can substitute an Impossible burger for any protein on our menu, including our black hawk farm wagyu burger. Whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, or just someone looking to be more mindful about their meat consumption, we’re looking forward to the chance to turn you into  an Impossible burger convert. We also have a number of other vegan and vegetarian options at any given time, and in addition to Impossible burgers, you can substitute meat for tofu as well, if that’s more your style. By eating at Bouquet, you’re sharing our value of sustainable eating, and we want to make that an easy, delicious experience, no matter what your dietary choices or needs.

If your quest to try an Impossible burger leads you to Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, we’ll present you with one like you’ll never see again. Or, if you’re in the mood for something else, we currently have an amazing menu that we’re looking forward to sharing with you. Come find us for a culinary experience you won’t soon forget.