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City Beat: "Sewing the Seeds of Son & Soil"

Most chefs dream of owning and operating their own restaurant. And if a chef has been doing that successfully for a while, there comes a time when it seems like a good idea to open up another place. 


Sometimes it’s because of customer demand, or sometimes it’s because the chef becomes bored with the particular type of cuisine he or she has been serving and wants to branch out. In the case of Stephen Williams, chef and owner of Covington’s Bouquet Restaurant and Wine Bar, and his wife Jessica, it was a desire to feed themselves that prompted the idea for the soon-to-open Son & Soil. 


The Williamses were actually hoping someone else would come along and open the type of quick, convenient-yet-healthy restaurant needed to fill the gap they’re anticipating Son & Soil will plug on Covington’s Main Street. 


“I’ve been down here for 10 years now, and we’ve always wanted something besides bar food,” Stephen says. “I mean, bar food is delicious, but chicken wings and french fries everyday gets a little old, and I was actually hoping someone would put in a Smoothie King for years. We just always wanted something simple like that that we could grab, that was not fried, just healthy.”